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Trustee’s Sale Information

RESS Financial Corporation utilizes Nationwide Posting & Publication to publish and post its Notices of Trustee’s Sale as well as to conduct its Trustee’s Sales and cry its postponements.

For Trustee’s Sale information, we urge you to visit Nationwide’s website at which is available 24 hours. If you do not have the TS Number (RESS order number), you can click on “Advanced Search” and search by address. They also provide a TS Number based phone system at (916) 939-0772. Alternatively, please feel free to contact our office during our normal business hours at (951) 270-0164.

Please Note: RESS Financial Corporation assumes no liability for incorrect Trustee’s Sale information you may receive from the above website or phone numbers. The only sure way to determine postponement or sale information with certainty is to physically attend the Trustee’s Sale.

Bidding at Trustee’s Sales

Trustee’s Sales are public auctions with a minimum bid. Often, the minimum is not the entire amount of the debt and additional bids up to the total debt may be made by or on behalf of the Beneficiary. A person bidding at Trustee’s Sale should know the approximate total debt which is shown on the Notice of Trustee’s Sale. The Bidder is buying the property subject to any and all liens and encumbrances which appear senior to the Deed of Trust being foreclosed. It is the Bidder’s sole responsibility to determine the value of the property being auctioned and how high they will bid. It is also the Bidder’s sole responsibility to determine the number and amount of any and all encumbrances and/or liens which are against the property and are senior in priority to the Deed of Trust which is the subject of the Trustee’s Sale. RESS Financial Corporation does not furnish legal advice, title information, or opinions as to the value of the property being auctioned.

All bids at Trustee’s Sale must be by Cashier’s Check or cash, and the total bid is due at the time of sale. All funds are subject to clearing before a Trustee’s Deed will be issued.

If you have general questions regarding this process, you may contact our office. For specific questions, we recommend that you contact a real estate attorney.